Elektronic System


Crane operator control panel has a 12.1" dust and water proof &anti reflective (Shine-out) LCD Screen which is fully double side metal case system.Besides, a weight control system will be equipped that records which boom worked how long and these records can be transferred to computer via USB then duration of maintenance and wear statistics of crane can be calculated.The whole electronic parts of the crane will have IP67 class ambient resistance.Optimization work on sloped ground with nine-axis three angle sensors (main boom, folding boom, on the second folding) and with electronic balance system. 


Pressures and angles of the boom can be followed on the screen display in real-time.

The opportunity to watch from the operator panel by dual-axis & night vision, motion tracking camera system.

The image processing software helps to operator by virtual lines on screen.

And ASELKON Visual Guides System (AVGS) for sensitive loads.


GSM-GPS system which can track by satellite daily, weekly and monthly working reports.

(Available Turkey is free, otherwise SIM fee paid by user) and ASELKON maintenance center sends to machine owner weekly & monthly working summary graphs and GPS tracking map summary.


Completely wireless second boom pressure & angle transceiver system with built-in battery requires no charge for years.


Multimedia video system has How to use the Crane, training, maintenance and promotion videos which has in English, Russian and Arabic subtitles. Moment control system will be settled down to cut overloaded control system will be settled down to cut overloaded hydraulic circuitry (OPTIONAL Safety System).


Moreover this moment control system only will permit to withdrawal of extension booms of the operator.


In urgent case that the operator cannot see but it requires interventions an emergency stopping button will be placed to cut the hydraulic circuitry.


The electronic system software has 4 language options TURKISH-ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-ARABIC.  



LCD Screen Electronic Control System

* With the start of crane operation, the lifted load on the tip of the Boom can be seen on the front display as the pressure value and on the main screen opened on the LCD screen.

* It is also possible to record the total and last working hours, loads and pressures on the cylinders.

* Storing statistical values, transferring data via mail.

* 9-axis balance system with X-Y display of operating angle, balance.


Electronic Maintenance Screen

* Feature of watching maintenance time, lubrication time etc. on the screen by countdown according to crane work hours.

* Following feature of remaining time to maintenance as hour.

* Following feature of skipped maintenance.


Wireless Movable Camera System At The Top Of The Boom

* Following feature of  load and work place  from operator cabinet  through LCD screen.


Remote GPRS Tracking System

*Following feature statical data of position and working hours of the crane.